DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1306 - F*** The CDC
Ep. 1306 - F*** The CDC

Ep. 1306 - F*** The CDC

Update: 2021-07-2825


The Centers For Disease Control unleashes a new round of evidence-free masking recommendations for the vaccinated; the January 6 commission hearings begin; and Simone Biles pulls out of the Olympics and is treated as a hero.

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Comments (3)

Jim Loar

@43:59. "lovely people" ??? Weren't there a lot more people remaining outside for the day, compared to those who went into the Capital Building? Seems the quote is taken out of context.

Aug 2nd

Edward Crawford III

Ben on last night's episode of Tucker Carlton Carlton tonight he informed us viewers that the CDC had reached out to him after his request on why are they having people mask up again he replied that the CDC told him that the vaccine is not working the way that they thought it would and ir is an experimental vaccine what do you say to that

Jul 31st

Dennis Atler

Please educate me on the un-vaccinated that have already had the chinese virus. Are those the un-vaccinated that have the highest death rate or is it the un-vaccinated that have never contracted the chinese virus that have the highest death rate right now?

Jul 28th








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Ep. 1306 - F*** The CDC

Ep. 1306 - F*** The CDC

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