DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1333 - Joe Biden’s Presidency is Collapsing
Ep. 1333 - Joe Biden’s Presidency is Collapsing

Ep. 1333 - Joe Biden’s Presidency is Collapsing

Update: 2021-09-0330


Senator Joe Manchin says it’s time to hit pause on Joe Biden’s spending plans as Biden’s approval ratings crater; the Afghanistan debacle has destroyed Biden’s credibility; and the Biden economy is flailing.

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Lmao, I love hearing Shapiro complain about fact-checking!!!! And without a single shred of self-awareness or irony. It's like these fascists are goldfish - every day is new, no info/events from the past matters today, nothing except what happens/is said today is true! LOL! I hope they know that the 70% of the country who are still patriotic Americans haven't forgotten ANY of the past five years. They can pretend like they have, but America hasn't - and we Americans are gonna have the last word. This is the right wing's last gasp before they dwindle into complete irrelevance - that's why they're freaking out, turning away from democracy, and embracing fascism. Their numbers are shrinking right this minute. These are some of the last racist, intolerant, misogynistic, homophobic holdouts who cannot or will not accept that society at large has simply moved on, who aren't content to live their own lives in their own houses and churches but who want to force all of us to conform to their backwards, regressive standards. When they are dismantled we can all go on with rebuilding the country and creating a true conservative party that will actually represent real conservative Americans.

Sep 3rd
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Lol, gotta love Shapiro. I'm pretty sure he thinks that if he talks fast enough no one will notice his poor and intellectually dishonest arguments. The Trumpist fascists certainly won't, since they've evidently surrendered their independent and critical thinking up to Dear Leader. I do feel bad for them in one regard, however - at least the civilian/non-gov't fascists, anyway: for five years now they have been told increasingly flimsy, patronizing, harder to comprehend lies which they simply swallow whole without realizing how f'ing STUPID their leaders think they are. Trump and his fascist cadre disrespect their supporters in this way day after day after day, and the supporters just don't want to see it. Hey fascists - see what's happening to the insurrectionists, how Trump has just let them sit in jail and made very little effort to help them (if any?) That's what's going to happen to all of you. You're going to get used, and when you don't serve a purpose anymore you'll end up in the gulag with everyone else. It happens in every single fascist/authoritarian regime. You're never going to win this game, guys. Ben Shapiro here is gonna win, bc he's manipulating you for his own purposes. But regular ppl like you and me go to the camps. Whether you're "on their side" or not. Please read your history and find out how this is gonna end. Not with you getting everything you want. Not at all. i

Sep 3rd








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Ep. 1333 - Joe Biden’s Presidency is Collapsing

Ep. 1333 - Joe Biden’s Presidency is Collapsing

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