DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1335 - The Covid Tyrant
Ep. 1335 - The Covid Tyrant

Ep. 1335 - The Covid Tyrant

Update: 2021-09-1024


President Biden shouts at the unvaccinated, slanders Republican governors, and announces a federal vaccine mandate without any legal authority.

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LighteN Ing

Yahda yahda yahda… so annoying. 650K+ died from Covid directly and indirectly. Unless you have a proven better way or you listen to the infectious disease specialists. If anyone could offer their strong opinions to the docs, we would have gotten rid of the expensive med schools years ago lol.

Sep 14th

Cindy Jensen

I'm fully vaccinated, and I feel played.!

Sep 11th

Katie lara-steely

yeah Biden is definitely yelling and sounding like the most angry person ever in his speech. nothing like a calm tone to really covey his hatred. literally in the speech biden says he's wants people to get vaccinated because the people who are unvaccinated are dying. which after that clip Shapiro immediately ignores and distracts with "who are the governor's not pushing vaccine??" im not scared of people who are unvaccinated. I'm scared for them. they have the serious risk of getting sick & dying for an ideal. if they wanna do that- ok. but their still effecting the overwhelmed healthcare systems and their loved ones. it's just so sad.

Sep 11th
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Ep. 1335 - The Covid Tyrant

Ep. 1335 - The Covid Tyrant

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