DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1398 - The Omicron Panic Tsunami Hits
Ep. 1398 - The Omicron Panic Tsunami Hits

Ep. 1398 - The Omicron Panic Tsunami Hits

Update: 2021-12-1717


Heavily vaxxed areas are overwhelmed by Omicron, but few people are dying...and yet everyone is panicking.

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no truer words have been said. i am a Brazilian MD and work in many capabilities including ER and Surgery. i have worked every single day of this thing, took the vaxs BECAUSE i was obligated and i have never contracted this thing by simply aplicar hygiene techniques I ALREADY DID. (and I've been a MD since 2003) whoever is fit should be working just apply good sense and hygiene and let's keep society, not destroy it

Dec 19th
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Jim Loar

@46:30 .... The mental health issues from masking and family separation are not being addressed. The Surgeon General released a report in Dec 2021 over the widespread issues of depression. We are at the point of "the cure is worse than the disease."

Dec 18th








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Ep. 1398 - The Omicron Panic Tsunami Hits

Ep. 1398 - The Omicron Panic Tsunami Hits

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