DiscoverPLANTSTRONGEp. 140: John Robbins - Ditching Gold for the Truth
Ep. 140: John Robbins - Ditching Gold for the Truth

Ep. 140: John Robbins - Ditching Gold for the Truth

Update: 2022-04-211


John Robbins is an absolute trailblazer whose story and mission really go beyond the kale. Imagine being born into incredible wealth - private schools, country clubs, a 14,000 square foot home with multiple three-car garages, and family yachts at your fingertips. Now, imagine walking away from that extravagant life on purpose and with a purpose.

John Robbins followed the call of his conscience and walked away from the family business, the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream empire, and moved to a remote island seeking greater purpose and meaning in life. He knew he wanted to be in service to mother earth and the planet.

His first book, the 1987 Diet for a New America was truly groundbreaking and decades ahead of its time. It was and is one of the quintessential books that tie together the impact of foods on your health, your happiness, and the planet.

John has gone on to write nine books and, today, he shares stories about a few of those, including, The New Good Life- Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less. His life stories run the gamut of emotions from heartbreaking and joyful, to educational and inspirational.

John Robbins has chosen compassion over consumption at every turn and, after today’s episode, you’ll be more than inspired to do the same.

Episode Highlights

7:50 John had polio as a child - how he adapted and 'muscled up' for vitality and strength

12:05 John’s Baskin Robbins origin story - how he followed the call of his conscience

15:45 John questions the link between the poor health of his family and the ice cream empire

20:00 How a chance book recommendation from his father's cardiologist changed everything for John’s father’s health and their broken relationship

33:50 Why he headed to a remote island with his wife to start fresh

44:30 How Diet for a New America Launched the modern health food movement

49:59 What happened when “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” wanted to interview John

1:00:00 John’s Book - The New Good Life backstory and how John lost his own money in an investment nightmare

1:08:15 Genesis of the Food Revolution Summit with Ocean and John Robbins - The Largest Gathering of Food Conscious People on the Planet

1:36:10 Why and how John remains hopeful in these tumultuous times

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Ep. 140: John Robbins - Ditching Gold for the Truth

Ep. 140: John Robbins - Ditching Gold for the Truth

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