DiscoverPLANTSTRONGEp. 142: Alan Goldhamer, D.C. - Is Water Fasting for You?
Ep. 142: Alan Goldhamer, D.C. - Is Water Fasting for You?

Ep. 142: Alan Goldhamer, D.C. - Is Water Fasting for You?

Update: 2022-05-053


We’ve created a society that makes everything so simple.

With the push of a button, we can have highly-processed food, entertainment, and all of the excess we can handle (and even some we can’t). This has led to unprecedented levels of disease, despair, and death.

We are caught in the pleasure trap.

But there is good news. We DO have the power to override these temptations and allow our bodies to heal.

In November 1984, Dr. Alan Goldhamer opened the True North Health Center. They create a health-promoting environment through an SOS-Free Diet (that’s salt, oil, and sugar) and water-only fasting.

As you can imagine, this monitored approach to healing was once seen as complete quackery. Today? Because of the data, peer-reviewed studies, and astonishing results, fasting, and fasting-mimicking diets are now considered mainstream.

Today, Dr. Goldhamer explains how and why it really is healthy to give your body a chance to rest, reboot, and break some of those physiological addictive behaviors that are keeping us sick.

Episode Timestamps

00:00-06:45 Introduction to Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder of True North Health Center

09:00 What exactly is intermittent fasting?

12:15 Origins of True North and Dr. Goldhamer's friendship with Dr. Doug Lisle

19:15 Emerging data showing benefits of fasting in healthy people as disease prevention

19:56 What is an SOS-Free diet?

23:10 93% of our food is WHAT???

24:00 What is the pleasure trap, and why were we born to seek pleasure?

29:24 What is The Law of Satiation and how does it affect our eating habits?

36:15 Promising research of fasting implications on tumor growth

37:10 Is there a special type of water consumed when fasting?

37:56 Unique physiological effects of water-only fasting

40:48 The Motivational Triad and how The Pleasure Trap still holds up today

44:30 Why it's vital to rest when fasting

48:00 Dr. Goldhamer's opinion on keto and paleo diets

50:35 What really motivates people to make a change?

53:00 How do you keep people on plan and remain compliant?

58:00 Recommended supplements from Dr. Goldhamer

1:00:48 Organic vs. Conventional foods?

1:03:04 Does Dr. Goldhamer fast?

1:05:18 Fasting impacts on Autoimmune disease

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Simon Salinas

Met Dr Goldhamer in true north in 2018 and he is the real deal! 👍

Jul 25th
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Ep. 142: Alan Goldhamer, D.C. - Is Water Fasting for You?

Ep. 142: Alan Goldhamer, D.C. - Is Water Fasting for You?

Rip Esselstyn and Alan Goldhamer, D.C.