DiscoverPLANTSTRONGEp. 144: Building a Golden Gut with Dr. B
Ep. 144: Building a Golden Gut with Dr. B

Ep. 144: Building a Golden Gut with Dr. B

Update: 2022-05-191


Dr. B is back! That’s right. Everyone’s favorite fiber-loving broc-star, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, is back to celebrate the release of his latest book, The Fiber Fueled Cookbook: Inspiring Plant-Based Recipes to Turbocharge Your Health.

Dr. B burst onto the scene just a few years ago when his book, Fiber Fueled, hit the New York Times Best Sellers List. This groundbreaking book was a guide to optimizing the gut microbiome and improving your health through a diet rich in diverse fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 

His new book, The Fiber Fueled Cookbook, goes the extra mile and tells you HOW to train your gut to take on more fabulous fiber with delicious recipes and meal ideas. He even lays out a personalized GROWTH strategy for understanding common gut issues and how to treat them effectively. 

Don’t be one of the 19 out of 20 people who are fiber deficient. Train your gut the right way and stop fearing the foods that could help you the most.

About Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI, (a.k.a. Dr. B) is a board certified gastroenterologist and gut health expert. Every day, he helps patients and members of his #plantfed community bounce back from restrictive and over-hyped diets, and into a whole new way of living and eating that produces the results they really want…permanently. At the core of his philosophy is what he calls “lifestyle medicine,” that uses food, exercise, and other lifestyle factors to optimize your gut, get you back in control of your health. Through Fiber Fueled and his free tools, Dr. B breaks it down for you, piece by digestible piece, so you can take the simple steps that will help you create incredible shifts in your digestion, symptoms, and life.

Episode Timestamps

14:40 Dr. B explains the Fiber Paradox

18:00 Difficulties when you try to introduce fiber into your diet - empowering you with an understanding of what’s actually happening

20:00 Understanding that your gut is adaptable - stop fearing the foods that could help you

23:30 Dr. B’s insightful thoughts on a meat-only diet 

24:45 The many benefits of fiber for health and disease prevention

29:25 Why you need a diversity of plants in your diet 

31:10 Addressing common food intolerances like celiac and constipation with a GROWTH strategy -

G = Genesis - getting to the root cause of the issue

37:10 Dr. B’s definition and symptoms of constipation 

46:00 Symptoms of gall bladder issues

48:00 If you have mild constipation, crank up fiber, drink water, and take your poop for a walk - fiber, hydration, and movement

50:00 Getting things moving with magnesium

53:00 GROWTH Strategy - R-O-W = Restrict, Observe, Work it Back In

54:38 T = Train Your Gut - Like an athlete, you can train your gut to take on more fiber. When your gut is hurt, you can either restrict it completely, or you can build up to it

1:00:00 Prebiotics - Fiber, polyphenols, resistant starches — legumes and whole grains have all three of these

1:03:00 How many pounds of beans does the average American consume per year?

1:04:00 How much cheese does the average American consume per year?

1:05:00 GROWTH strategy - H = Holistic Healing

1:07:45 Does exercise impact gut health?

1:09:50 Dr. B wants you to become Mic Jagger - Eat at least 30 different types of plant-based foods per week

1:15:45 Gut health game-changers:  fermented foods and sprouts - the many paths to a healthy gut and diet

1:21:45 Rip previews some of Dr. B’s recipes


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Ep. 144: Building a Golden Gut with Dr. B

Ep. 144: Building a Golden Gut with Dr. B

Rip Esselstyn and Dr. Will Bulsiewicz