DiscoverPLANTSTRONGEp. 146: Julieanna Hever - Lose Weight for the Last Time
Ep. 146: Julieanna Hever - Lose Weight for the Last Time

Ep. 146: Julieanna Hever - Lose Weight for the Last Time

Update: 2022-06-021


We are living in chaotic and challenging times and so much feels out of our control.

This week’s interview also comes at a perfect time because, in the midst of stress and uncertainty, Julieanna Hever invites you to choose yourself again and again, especially if you’re stuck in the cycle of stress eating, yo-yo dieting, and dizzying life schedules.

As the O.G. plant-based dietitian, Julieanna has worked with thousands of clients to lose weight for the last time, and many of these lessons are found in her most recent book, The Choose You Now Diet.

Rip and Julieanna discuss:

  • Her ten tenets to sustainable weight loss

  • Exactly how to calculate your goal weight and set a realistic timeframe for weight loss

  • How to stop counting macros and calories, and start counting "days of deliciousness"

  • Her "six daily threes" of must-have daily nutrition

  • Why it's important to keep a journal and express gratitude

Julieanna encourages you to be free of shame and guilt and, instead, replace it with joy and gratitude all while enjoying copious amounts of beautiful plant-based nutrition.

We could all use a little more joy.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 Welcome to Julieannaa, the OG plant-based dietitian

6:10 Her lifelong motivation for writing Choose You Now

12:07 The Modern Trifecta of Temptation - There’s nothing sexy about losing weight

15:20 Ten Tenets to Sustainable Weight Loss

15:57 Identifying Your Why

17:00 "Be a lighthouse instead of a tugboat"

19:00 Find your goal weight - Hamwi Calculator

20:54 Set a timeline

24:45 Eat a whole plant-based foods diet, avoid fatphobia, and stop counting macros

29:00 How to recognize true hunger and satiety

38:35 Don’t break the seal - know your triggers and learn how to avoid those tempting foods

42:15 Stop counting!

44:30 Set a schedule and embrace repetition

49:45 Monitor meal volume

51:50 Why Julieanna wants you to get on the scale daily

57:30 Rip digs into some of the mouth-watering recipes

1:03:25 Why Julieanna recommends a break from exercise when you’re trying to lose rapid-fire weight

1:06:09 The benefits of keeping a food journal

1:07:70 Maintenance Phase - getting off the roller coaster for good

1:11:05 Julieanna’s "Six Daily 3s"

1:18:00 How to enjoy a "day of deliciousness" - and stop having “cheat days”

1:20:10 Focus on the things you’re grateful for and write them down. Gratitude makes good things expand

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Ep. 146: Julieanna Hever - Lose Weight for the Last Time

Ep. 146: Julieanna Hever - Lose Weight for the Last Time

Rip Esselstyn and Julieanna Hever