DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1486 - Is Roe About To Be Overturned?!
Ep. 1486 - Is Roe About To Be Overturned?!

Ep. 1486 - Is Roe About To Be Overturned?!

Update: 2022-05-0327


Someone leaks a draft of the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade -- and apparently a majority is now ready to end the non-existent Constitutional right to abortion...and the Left goes absolutely berserk.

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Comments (3)

James Loar

@1:10:40 ... "Democricy is undermined when people are allowed to vote." ...classic.

May 4th

Thomas Post

Republicans were about to take over the house and the Senate. Why did SCOTUS decide to write a memo at this point in time. this is literally the one issue that is going to energize the Left. Why couldn't Elito wait until after the mid terms to draft a document like this. to think this wouldn't have been leaked is beyond naive.

May 3rd
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Ep. 1486 - Is Roe About To Be Overturned?!

Ep. 1486 - Is Roe About To Be Overturned?!

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