DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1491 - Examining 2000 Mules And The 2020 Election
Ep. 1491 - Examining 2000 Mules And The 2020 Election

Ep. 1491 - Examining 2000 Mules And The 2020 Election

Update: 2022-05-1015


The stock market continues its massive dropoff as Joe Biden struggles for an answer; the Biden White House finally condemns protesters trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices…sort of; and we examine the new documentary about 2020 election fraud, 2000 Mules.

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Denny Gomez

Sometimes Ben seems a little dense. if a vote is cast illegally, even if it was otherwise legitimate, that seems to me an "illegal vote." In other words, but for illegal action, the vote would not have been cast. What is legitimate about a vote that would not have been cast without illegal action? Then, regarding the legitimacy of votes, or the number of voters that have voted in 2020 2020, there's the example of the elder care facility with 100% voter turnout100% voter turnout. There's plenty here to be very concerned about. Certainly enough concern start changing voter laws in this country.

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Ep. 1491 - Examining 2000 Mules And The 2020 Election

Ep. 1491 - Examining 2000 Mules And The 2020 Election

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