DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1492 - Joe Biden vs. ULTRA MAGA
Ep. 1492 - Joe Biden vs. ULTRA MAGA

Ep. 1492 - Joe Biden vs. ULTRA MAGA

Update: 2022-05-1112


Joe Biden comes up with an odd label to attack his political opposition -- ULTRA MAGA!; the White House encourages protesters to break the law by descending on the homes of Supreme Court justices; and the Treasury Secretary comes out in favor of abortion.

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Comments (42)

James Loar

@11:00 If you can define WOMAN then you are #UltraMAGA

May 11th

Thomas Post

less than 20% of people believe that unrestrained abortion is okay. Democrats who are poised to lose the house & the Senate are catering to those 20%. It is almost like they are going to die for the cause, except in the causing the deaths a millions of unborn children.

May 11th

Thomas Post

gas under Trump administration = $2.05 a gallon. gas under Biden administration = $4.60 a gallon.

May 11th
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Ep. 1492 - Joe Biden vs. ULTRA MAGA

Ep. 1492 - Joe Biden vs. ULTRA MAGA

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