DiscoverPLANTSTRONGEp. 15: Adam Sud - You Are the Solution
Ep. 15: Adam Sud - You Are the Solution

Ep. 15: Adam Sud - You Are the Solution

Update: 2019-07-233


If You are the Cause, you CAN be the Solution.

Today's conversation with Adam Sud shines a bright light on some of the dark and often unspoken mental barriers that prevent making a change.  Adam's internal and external health hurdles were significant.  Saddled with hundreds of extra pounds, numbing himself with prescriptions and fast food, and a self-dialogue that was brimming with self-hate, Adam finally found a way out by learning to fall in love with the process. He consistently started making the next right decision, even when it didn't feel "right".  He disconnected from his headspace and decided he would get comfortable being uncomfortable.  

This episode is for anyone who doesn't feel worthy - because here's the thing:  you most definitely are.

Eating a plant-based diet coupled with realizing that you are deserving of real, affirming connection, is a powerful combination in turning your life around.



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Ep. 15: Adam Sud - You Are the Solution

Ep. 15: Adam Sud - You Are the Solution

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