DiscoverThe Pragati PodcastEp. 150: What's Happening in China?
Ep. 150: What's Happening in China?

Ep. 150: What's Happening in China?

Update: 2020-10-011


Foreign policy wonk and podcaster Hamsini Hariharan returns to Episode 150 of The Pragati Podcast to discuss China's internal issues and news in 2020.

While Indian news outlets cover the ongoing Chinese aggressions in Ladakh and the India-China border conflict, Hamsini helps listeners take a peek at what is happening within China since the Coronavirus pandemic started, how the Chinese economy and politics are faring, and explores what else is occupying China's foreign policy today.

Hamsini Hariharan started the Pragati Podcast along with Pavan Srinath in April 2017 and was a co-host for close to 70 episodes. Currently, Hamsini is the host of States of Anarchy – a weekly podcast on global affairs and foreign policy. She also writes a weekly column for CNBC News-18 on Chinese politics and policy. She is a visiting faculty at the Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication. She is on @HamsiniH on twitter and @lady_baritone on Instagram.

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Ep. 150: What's Happening in China?

Ep. 150: What's Happening in China?

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