DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1512 - The January 6th Election Extravaganza Begins!
Ep. 1512 - The January 6th Election Extravaganza Begins!

Ep. 1512 - The January 6th Election Extravaganza Begins!

Update: 2022-06-1023


The January 6 committee rolls out its primetime special, with Liz Cheney taking the starring role – and we examine what the Democratic telethon did and didn’t accomplish.

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Comments (7)

John Ludwig

This podcast is another example of why shapiro will always be considered a half ass Patriot. He knows damn well why he wont get near the fraudulent 2020 election. After Pence shriveled , the people were never interested in "overturning" the election. If it were possible? Great. That's not what we want. The people have always been interested in investigating, forensically auditing, and exposing the obvious fraud, and repairing the broken system so we can go back to being the greatest nation on earth. Shapiro knows this though. 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲 Was there fraud? Plenty. And weak kneed judges haven't listened to a single case, let alone even looked at the evidence. Including thousands of signed affidavits. Far too many irregularities & illegalities in swing states, which is why more than half the country thinks the 2020 election was rigged and needs to be investigated at every level. And if dementia biden & the regime thought they won legitimately (with the "most votes ever") they'd have no problem doing forensic audits in every state. (no, not just recounting small sample stacks of ballots…that's stupid) Yet the regime, deep state , & fecklesss rinos, have fought any type of investigation every step of the way. Since the night the election was suddenly & simultaneously stopped in battleground states. Instead we got a coordinated & full blown media blackout, weeks of "ballot counting" until dementia biden barely pulled ahead, constant #Jan6 fedsurrection propaganda, and nonstop "everything's racist", #blm bullsh**. Windows were literally boarded up to prevent people from observing the "count". The alleged (d.b) dementia biden victory margin in Nevada is 33,595 votes, yet the number of ballots in question is more than three times that. In Arizona, which has the narrowest alleged d.b. victory margin at 10,457 votes, there are nearly 10 times that number of possible illegal ballots; and the ratio of the alleged d.b. vote lead to possible illegal ballots is even higher for Georgia. At midnight, D.J. Trump was ahead by more than 110,000 votes in Wisconsin and more than 290,000 votes in Michigan. In Georgia, his lead was 356,945; and he led in Pennsylvania by more than half a million votes. Then by December 7, these wide Trump leads magically turned into razor thin dementia biden leads. 11,779 votes in Georgia, 20,682 votes in Wisconsin, 81,660 votes in Pennsylvania, and 154,188 votes in Michigan. Those are just a few examples of why we can't move forward until 2020 is thoroughly investigated. Midterms will be a joke too. Let alone 2024. A few others: Absentee ballots cast without statutorily required application, Absentee ballots cast that arrived after Election Day, Absentee ballots cast that were requested before & after statutory deadline, Absentee ballots cast from addresses other than where voters legally reside, Absentee ballots cast that were returned on or before the postmark date, Absentee ballots cast without a postmark, Absentee ballots requested under the name of a registered voter without consent, Dead voters, Double voters, In-state Felon voters, Ghost voters,Illegal ballot harvesting, Significant Statistical Anomalies, Voting Machine Irregularities, Equal Protection Clause Violations, Contestable Process Fouls, Indefinitely confined voter abus, Juvenile voters (<18 years old), Mail-in ballots cast by voters registered after the registration deadline, No address on file for voter Non-citizen voters, No corresponding voter registration numbers, Non-registered voters (not on voter rolls), Out-of-state voters who voted in-state, Poll watcher & poll observer abuses, Signature matching errors, Voting machine irregularities, (fake/manufactured ballots & spikes) Voters over 100 years old, Voters who vote in the wrong county, #2000mules 2020 Possible Illegal Votes 254,722 Arizona 601,130 Georgia 446,803 Michigan 220,008 Nevada 992,467 Pennsylvania 553,872 Wisconsin dementia biden "victory" margin (ballots "counted" up to Dec 7, and Dec 12, in these states 🤣) 10,457 Arizona 11, 779 Georgia 154,818 Michigan 33.596 Nevada 81,660 Pennsylvania 20.682 Wisconsin Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 Trump won by a landslide.🇺🇲 #WeThePeople did not legitimately vote for the dementia patient they installed & propped up in The White House. We know who the legitimate POTUS is and it's not some senior citizen in diapers, with the lowest approval rating in history.

Jun 11th
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“It looks like everyone was caught unaware…”. Except for the security removing barriers and opening doors. They seem to have their orders… someone was planning on people to entering the building. Because one side of the building was doing one thing and the other side doing something else. Maybe they just did not have walkie-talkies? I bet that is it. Those welcoming people in must have had no idea that the other side was shooting an unarmed woman when the opportunity presented itself. And firing smoke canisters behind the crowd to drive them toward the building. The otherwise intelligent Ben would have you believe everyone was just surprised. He is so afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist that he won’t ask the obvious questions.

Jun 10th
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Көзіңді аш

LIEdon/Cackala regime will fall in the coming war. Already we are seeing Truth Sayers killed in illuminati drone strikes and poisoned by RFID water supplies. If I didn't utilize tin leaf protection techniques and draw my water from an evaporation well than even I, a genius undiscovered by the pedophile Nobel Committee would be in danger. Don't bother waking up sheeple, it's too late for you weakling scum.

Jun 10th
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Ep. 1512 - The January 6th Election Extravaganza Begins!

Ep. 1512 - The January 6th Election Extravaganza Begins!

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