DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1517 - The Joecession Is Here
Ep. 1517 - The Joecession Is Here

Ep. 1517 - The Joecession Is Here

Update: 2022-06-1716


Stocks continue to crumble as the Dow drops below 30,000 for the first time since before the pandemic; America is in the midst of a great moral disintegration; and the Audubon Society wants you to listen to a man dressed as a woman dressed as a bird for Pride Month.

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Good lord, Ben sucks so hard sometimes. It's always half-truths. The economy wasn't "good" before Biden or the pandemic. it was in a bubble that Ben excused. Continuing the bubble does not fix things. yes, things suck now and Biden admin is incompetent (if not complicit) in fixing anything, but Republicans will NEVER fix our problems. Central Banks have been lying for decades and after they are held accountable we need to consider how to move forward. D.C. can't keep spending, homes shouldn't be vectors of infinite financial growth, and we can't keep propping up these zombie corporations. This thing was bound to collapse and we need it to collapse so that we can rebuild a healthy economy.

Jun 22nd

James Loar

@10:05 ....waiting for someone to ask the Press Secretary... "Why is it ok to ask Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia to produce more oil and gasoline, while you denigrate the US producers and prevent them from providing the products domestically, as they had done before?"

Jun 18th
Reply (2)

Åbn dine øjne

While we wait in lines in the LIEdon economy they are spraying us with poisonous toxins from secret air vents, look around you, no building needs this many air vents! Wake up vile leftists, you are being targeted by your own masters with mental control chemicals.

Jun 17th
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Ep. 1517 - The Joecession Is Here

Ep. 1517 - The Joecession Is Here

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