DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1518 - Biden Falls Off A Bike, Literally
Ep. 1518 - Biden Falls Off A Bike, Literally

Ep. 1518 - Biden Falls Off A Bike, Literally

Update: 2022-06-2015


Joe Biden falls off a bicycle, and the political world goes bananas; recession appears more and more likely; and a Gallup poll shows American belief in God declining at record rates.

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Åbn dine øjne

As we watch LIEdons antics a far more insidious threat reveals itself...the body double of Donald Trump. I cannot believe that Trump would miraculously become pro-gay, pro-trans and begin using anti-white rhetoric unless he has been replace by very likely an automaton. Why do we never see him play golf anymore? Because that is beyond the abilities of a humanoid robot.

Jun 21st
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Ep. 1518 - Biden Falls Off A Bike, Literally

Ep. 1518 - Biden Falls Off A Bike, Literally

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