DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1544 - Happy-Talking The Recession
Ep. 1544 - Happy-Talking The Recession

Ep. 1544 - Happy-Talking The Recession

Update: 2022-07-287


The Biden administration continues to happy talk its way through recession; Democrats try to prop up extremists in Republican primaries while decrying the supposed rise of extremist Republicans; and The View has to back off its slander of TPUSA.

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Comments (6)

James Loar

@20:35 ... Republicans are extreme a.k.a. Conservatives are extreme. .....there's an oxymoron.

Jul 29th

Son of Ghazi (Ben Ghazi)

Idk, Shapiro is right on so many things and he's totally dismissed Trumps voter fraud allegation. He said 2000 Mules didn't prove anything and other evidence was insufficient. I got vaccinated with the Trump Covid Vaccine because Trump and Shapiro were vaccinated, but now they disagree on a key issue and I think Shapiro is more credible and doesn't have a conflict of interest so yeah, now I'm thinking we lost fair and square in the election and that making stuff up wont help, we need to try to change minds not lie to feel better.

Jul 28th
Reply (2)

John Ransom

Not working

Jul 28th
Reply (1)








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Ep. 1544 - Happy-Talking The Recession

Ep. 1544 - Happy-Talking The Recession

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