DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1546 - Joe Biden Is Made Of Covid
Ep. 1546 - Joe Biden Is Made Of Covid

Ep. 1546 - Joe Biden Is Made Of Covid

Update: 2022-08-0114


After emerging from covid-induced isolation, Joe Biden tests positive again and goes back into isolation; Democrats cheer their inaptly-named Inflation Reduction Act; and Jon Stewart yells at the Republicans some more.

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Comments (4)

James Loar

@37:41 ... during Civid there were all the warnings about "super spreader events" ... will there be a spike in cases following this one? Or is this just hype also?

Aug 2nd

Jesus voted for Biden 😇

I'm so glad Shapiro and Donald Trump and both their families are vaccinated with the Trump Vaccine, (operation warp-speed). We should thank Jesus that Drumpf was flushed. Thank you Jesus!

Aug 1st

Scott Chapman

Either they are trying to kill Biden by actually giving him the "Vaccination" boosters, or they just don't want him speaking to anyone right now.

Aug 1st
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Ep. 1546 - Joe Biden Is Made Of Covid

Ep. 1546 - Joe Biden Is Made Of Covid

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