DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1573 - Is The Blue Tide a Mirage?
Ep. 1573 - Is The Blue Tide a Mirage?

Ep. 1573 - Is The Blue Tide a Mirage?

Update: 2022-09-138


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New polling suggests that the blue tide may be a mirage; The New York Times issues a long, scathing attack on Hasidic Jewish schools in New York; and Russia is on the run, but what if Vladimir Putin uses a nuke?


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Comments (3)

James Loar

@30:20. Wasn't it also G-S that provided Biden with a low inflation prediction a few weeks ago?

Sep 14th

James Loar

@24:00 ... the only ones with any info to leak are the FBI and DOJ. They can't hide from themselves being the leakers.

Sep 13th

James Loar

@17:18 ...the death of debating 🤔

Sep 13th








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Ep. 1573 - Is The Blue Tide a Mirage?

Ep. 1573 - Is The Blue Tide a Mirage?

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