DiscoverWhat Has My AttentionEp. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster
Ep. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster

Ep. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster

Update: 2021-04-06


The journey of a writer that took him to podcasting.

Since I recently started writing I’ve noticed a few things that may be apparent to you, but they certainly weren’t to me. As I’ve said before in previous episodes, writing with intention is a new experience for me.

In the middle of the audio edit of this episode, it dawned on me how clearly Kent is as a communicator. I’ve been experiencing a similar “clarity” in my thinking since starting to write with intention. So this insight was the gem I received from the interview with Kent. Also, it’s such a pleasure to be on a remote podcast interview with a fellow podcaster who’s using a good microphone and is wearing headphones (hint hint). Enjoy the gems in this episode!

When Kent Sanders from the Daily Writer started podcasting, over time, he sort of had triplets.

Kents’ first podcast he created was called “The Artists Suitcase.”

Kents’ second podcast was called “Born to Create” which several months later he renamed “Smart Business Writing” because he was getting into ghostwriting and wanted to know and share how to use content and writing to build a business.

In November of 2020, he decided to “twist it” just a little bit and called it “The Daily Writer.” He now has the “Daily Writer” community and he’s working on a book with the same name.

As Kent says, “Sometimes it takes you a few tries before you land on a concept that really sticks with you and sticks with your audience.” I totally agree from my own experience with a podcast I created in 2014, which is now called Alternative Health Tools. Three names later, it stuck.

Kent thinks there’s about 20 to 30% of his writing community are podcasting. Interesting.

Kent ends this episode with this advice to writers, “Somebody’s got to write it. Why not you?”

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The Podcast Answer Man Podcast! by Cliff Ravenscraft.

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller

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Website: Daily Writer. Essential Habits for Creative Success


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Ep. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster

Ep. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster

John Biethan with his guest Kent Sanders