DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 19: It's Just Proper Messy
Ep. 19: It's Just Proper Messy

Ep. 19: It's Just Proper Messy

Update: 2021-02-05


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to episode 19 of the Two Coach Confidence podcast.  In today's episode we are joined by Elliott Newell. Elliott currently works for the English Institute of Sport as a Sport and Performance Scientist, specialising in Psychological Support. Elliott works 1:1 with athletes, coaches, and leaders alike developing programmes and whole sport curricula. Whilst performance ultimately provides the context of what Elliott does, personal growth and development remains his focus. A humanist philosophy to work and life, means Elliott engages in his work with a view to nurture and support talent, rather than create or fix it.

In this episode, we discuss,

  • The link between competence and confidence, and why it’s crucial to understand how the two areas co exist.
  • Elliott discusses that he’s never understood confidence as a skill, more that confidence is a way that we think.
  • Elliott shares the idea that if we feel confident it's an emotion, however if it’s a belief it’s cognitive, and therefore something we can work with.
  • We take a look at the difference between performing confidently vs being confident, and why this can be useful to consider from a personal perspective.
  • We somehow end up in a wonderful conversation about understanding the roots of your being and what your real understanding of the world is.
  • The simple, but perhaps forgotten idea that you don't have to be sick to get better.
  • Elliott introduces us to the analogy of having “handrails” to develop and grow confidence, and how this has proved incredibly useful throughout his career.
  • How Elliott never stepped too far from his secure base (comfort zone) whilst developing his sense of self and confidence.
  • Elliott’s struggle with the functional confidence of his body having suffered a serious knee injury.
  • We explore the concept that we are not our bodies, however it is the vehicle in which we interact with the world.

The concepts, ideas and depth of this conversation were fascinating for both of us. It’s clear to see Elliott has a wealth of academic knowledge, which he is able to translate into simple language that will be invaluable for you as the listener. With every new guest comes a new idea or concept that continuously develops and expands our own thoughts and beliefs about this fascinating topic we call confidence. 

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Links from the episode,
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Book - The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman -
Book - The Long Win by Cath Bishop -
Book - Fear Less by Dr Pippa Grange-









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Ep. 19: It's Just Proper Messy

Ep. 19: It's Just Proper Messy

Elliot Newell