DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 23: How can you create your greatest hits
Ep. 23: How can you create your greatest hits

Ep. 23: How can you create your greatest hits

Update: 2021-05-12


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to episode 20 of the Two Coach Confidence podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to bring fun and interesting guests from all areas and walks of life to share their knowledge, stories and experiences of this mystical and subjective topic we refer to as confidence.

In today's episode we are joined by Chris Chapman. Chris has recently transitioned to the Learning Experience Manager at UK Coaching, having previously been the Development Lead Officer for Talent and Performance Coaching. Much of Chris’ time is now focused on the development of great coaching content to support coaches to be the best they can be.  

Prior to working in coach development Chris worked at the Rugby Football League for 12 years in the Performance Department. During this time he coached England age group teams from U15 through to U20; more recently coaching the England Women Rugby League team to two World Cups. 

In this episode, we discuss

  • How women are generally more emotionally aware and willing to share, compared to men who generally shut down and go inside
  • How Chris purposefully avoided the media during the early stages of of his International Coaching role and how he developed his confidence to manage the media 
  • We explore the idea of giving people the opportunity to be their best even if they don’t meet the required standard
  • Chris poses the question, Are we communicating what we need when it comes to confidence? And why this is an important question to ask ourselves
  • The idea of “tipping in” what’s going right, instead of what needs improving or what has potentially gone wrong
  • Chris shares the C4 methodology and that when each of the areas are in place the environment individuals and teams are performing in becomes “explosive”
  • That even to this day receiving positive feedback for his achievements or performance is difficult for Chris to accept, and how he’s working on just saying, thank you
  • As a coach it’s important to understand what makes people feel confident as only they will know that
  • The wonderful idea of creating your own “greatest hits” in order to develop and grow your confidence
  • That the people you surround yourself with can often see things you cannot, which when shared can help to build confidence

Chris is incredibly humble, and shares openly and generously. It would be easy to assume that because of the level Chris performs he would have everything figured out. What’s amazing about Chris is that he’s vulnerable enough to say he hasn’t got everything figured out, and that there are numerous areas in life he struggles with, including some that might surprise you! This conversation is powerful and deep and undoubtedly has something for every listener.

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Ep. 23: How can you create your greatest hits

Ep. 23: How can you create your greatest hits

Chris Chapman