DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 24: You don't need to throw a six to start
Ep. 24: You don't need to throw a six to start

Ep. 24: You don't need to throw a six to start

Update: 2021-06-11


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode we are joined by Steve Marriott. Steve is a behavioural specialist combining over 25 years of experience with the latest findings in neuroscience, and performance psychology. Steve is the co-author of two books, is a prolific facilitator, speaker and performance coach working in the UK and Europe.

His clients include some of the largest companies in some of the most regulated industries in the world. He has majored in developing leadership capability for the twenty-first century.  Steve has a unique ability to translate the complexity of behaviour and culture into accessible and actionable dialogue, coupled with his direct and frank approach enables him to engage, inspire and stimulate learning with the most challenging of audiences.

In this episode, 

  • Steve shares his belief that humans are at their best when they feel confident
  • We discuss the importance of children being absent of judgement and how that affects their confidence 
  • Steve shares that for him, confidence has internal and external components. How we feel inside, and what feedback is being received from outside
  • We explore how some individuals have unconsciously created an identity around confidence, and for many this has led to them believing that they’re not a confident person
  • A lifelong introvert Steve shares how he has managed and developed his internal dialogue in order to interact with world around him
  • Steve tells the story of his Father not being satisfied with his academic results and how the phrase, “that’s not an A” significantly impacted his confidence
  • How at times Steve has decided not to look at certain pieces of information in order to protect his confidence 
  • Steve suggests that when action happens our beliefs meet our values, and why it’s important to be aware of this happening 
  • Our conversation finds us discussing social stereotypes, and how easy it can be to fall into the story that, “I’m just not a confident person”
  • Steve openly shares the distressing and very scary story of being caught up in an armed robbery and the lasting impact that has had on his confidence
  • We take a moment to reflect on the question, Why is this a universal issue?
  • The episode ends with Steve sharing his insights about the power of Courageous Conversations

Yet another outstanding episode. Steve speaks with passion, honesty and emotion, sharing years of knowledge and experience of human behaviour. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, from real life events which have shaped Steve’s journey, to understanding how human behaviour can help or hinder our confidence. We go deep at times and laugh at others, this really is a wonderful conversation to experience.

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Ep. 24: You don't need to throw a six to start

Ep. 24: You don't need to throw a six to start

Steve Marriott