DiscoverVerdict with Ted CruzEp. 24 - The Wuhan Coverup
Ep. 24 - The Wuhan Coverup

Ep. 24 - The Wuhan Coverup

Update: 2020-04-1720


The Senator and Michael sit down to discuss a shocking new revelation about the Wuhan Institute of Virology and how to restart the American economy.

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James Richburg

So who, what, when, started this funding for this company in china.

Apr 23rd

Jerod Evans

I know you guys like to stick to the 30 minutes but I believe I speak for many people when I say take as much time as you need! many popular podcasts takes hours plural, so if you went up to an hour I'm sure no one would complain haha

Apr 22nd
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Kristie Childers

Senator Cruz, My child is a College Freshman. she received a scholarship and worked a small job during the summer. At tax time we claimed her on our taxes along with the scholarship funding, our daughter did her taxes for the small amount she made. according to the stimulus package, college students that are claimed by parents do not get money, even tho she did pay taxes. plus we do not get the $500 cause of her age being over 18. thus is wrong on all accounts. College students lost the most, no school, no dorms, now living back home and still has to do homework online while paying a higher rate. makes no since

Apr 20th
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Ep. 24 - The Wuhan Coverup

Ep. 24 - The Wuhan Coverup

Ted Cruz