DiscoverMy Time CapsuleEp. 244 - Sooz Kempner
Ep. 244 - Sooz Kempner

Ep. 244 - Sooz Kempner

Update: 2022-11-25


Sooz Kempner is a stand up comedian, singer and twitter sensation who, over the last year, has gone viral on Twitter with her hilarious political videos playing Nadine Dories and Liz Truss. Some people have even credited her with helping to bring down Liz Truss. She won Best Newcomer at the Musical Comedy Awards in 2010, the Variety Award at the Funny Women Awards in 2012 and in 2014 she made her Edinburgh debut. She recently completed her eighth solo fringe hour, PlayStation. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2010 and regularly performs in musical theatre. She is a regular collaborator with Richard Thomas who wrote Jerry Springer the Opera. Sooz Kempner is guest number 244 on My Time Capsule and chats to Michael Fenton Stevens about the five things she'd like to put in a time capsule; four she’d like to preserve and one she’d like to bury and never have to think about again .

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Ep. 244 - Sooz Kempner

Ep. 244 - Sooz Kempner