DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 26: Our confidence takes work
Ep. 26: Our confidence takes work

Ep. 26: Our confidence takes work

Update: 2021-08-06


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode we are joined by Anupa Roper. Anupa allowed her label of ‘skinny’ to affect her choices and her feeling of worth for a long time. Now she wants to empower the young by helping them to feel happy in their own skin. She would love for the generations that follow to know that they are worthy just the way they are. 

Anupa has recently published her debut children’s book ‘Sparrowlegs’ about a sparrow who learns to love the feathers she is in and realises how amazing her body is.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Anupa shares her story of being labelled as skinny and how that has affected many of the choices she has made throughout her life
  • How we’ve ended up perpetually thinking about the way we look, and how much importance we put on the way we look
  • The impact social media and reality TV shows appear to be having on body confidence
  • Anupa’s experience of people expecting her to be confident because of her slim and petite size
  • The pressure that comes from feeling like you have to look a certain way, and the impact that can have on confidence
  • What are our bodies are here to do, vs the way we think they should look
  • The journey Anupa has had with her confidence as she has transitioned from being a teacher, Mum, and now writer and author
  • The impact of language specifically related to our bodies such as “Mum tum” and “stretch marks” 
  • Anupa shares her experience that in Indian culture if you’ve got lighter skin there is a perception you’ll be more confident 
  • Confidence being something that needs to be constantly and deliberately worked on if you want more of it
  • The power of parents opening up conversations with their children about body confidence
  • How parents have a responsibility to ensure their children are well informed and understand the difference between what is real and what isn’t

A sensitive and very topical episode, Anupa shares her passion and concerns around body confidence. A topic which has depth, emotion and much more to it than you may initially presume. In a world where so much of our mental stimulation is found via social media and more visual imagery than ever before, it’s no wonder there is a growing issue surrounding body confidence.

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Ep. 26: Our confidence takes work

Ep. 26: Our confidence takes work

Anupa Roper