DiscoverMy Time CapsuleEp. 260 - Caitlin O’Ryan
Ep. 260 - Caitlin O’Ryan

Ep. 260 - Caitlin O’Ryan

Update: 2023-02-06


Caitlin O’Ryan is an actor who is best known from the international smash hit TV series, Outlander, where she plays series regular, Lizzie Wemyss, the handmaid. Caitlin is a graduate of The Oxford School of Drama, which has produced many top actors. Outlander was her professional debut but in her final year at drama school she appeared in The Lights at The Royal Court and followed this with If and When at Soho Theatre, directed by Blythe Stewart. Caitlin is also a performance poet, often headlining at venues in London.

Caitlin O’Ryan is guest number 260 on My Time Capsule and chats to Michael Fenton Stevens about the five things she'd like to put in a time capsule; four she’d like to preserve and one she’d like to bury and never have to think about again .

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Ep. 260 - Caitlin O’Ryan

Ep. 260 - Caitlin O’Ryan