DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 27: Failure is part of your journey!
Ep. 27: Failure is part of your journey!

Ep. 27: Failure is part of your journey!

Update: 2021-08-27


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to episode 27 of the Two Coach Confidence podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to bring fun and interesting guests from all areas and walks of life to share their knowledge, stories and experiences of this mystical and subjective topic we refer to as confidence.

In today's episode we have the pleasure of being joined by star of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Kristina Rihanoff. Kristina was born in Siberia and fell in love with music and dance at a young age, entering her first dance competition at just seven-years-old. There onwards, she took part in scores of competitions and became a renowned dance champion.

Kristina finished her 8 year career on “Strictly Come Dancing” after having her first daughter. Desperate to get back in shape after giving birth she knew that yoga would be the best exercise to rebuild her strength and ability to return to dancing. A yoga devotee for nearly 20 years, Kristina and partner Ben decided to open their very own Wellbeing and Yoga Centre.

In this episode,

  • Kristina shares her extraordinary journey from being a little girl with a dream, to becoming one of the most recognisable Strictly Come Dancing stars
  • How becoming a Mum has changed everything for her, and realising how much she previously worried about insignificant things
  • How Kristina has learned to love herself and her body through yoga
  • Kristina shares that after 20 years of practicing yoga she has recently connected to the spiritual side of yoga and the difference that has made to her life
  • How the work she does now through yoga helps her community think differently about confidence
  • We discuss confidence being something that can be nourished, and how Kristina enjoys helping others to feel good about themselves
  • Kristina shares how she has always been a more voluptuous dancer and how that affected her confidence earlier in her career
  • We explore the idea of doing one thing a day in order to develop your confidence
  • Kristina suggests that in order to have a clear understanding of what confidence is, it is worth dedicating time to writing down your own thoughts about confidence
  • The impact of having such amazing dance teachers in Russia and how they ultimately helped Kristina develop and grow her confidence
  • Although she’s danced for most of her life Kristina still has moments when she doesn’t feel confident, currently feeling terrified of getting back on stage in a new theatre production

What an episode, fast paced and full of energy from start to finish! Kristina has a vast amount of life experience and it's clear to see that her relationship with confidence started at a very early age. Hard working and dedicated, whilst at the same humble and honest, a set of familiar values of all the guests we have had on the podcast to date. Confidence continues to feature in many of our conversations, and is something we continue to believe needs to be discussed more in order to support people develop and grow.

Please enjoy!

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Ep. 27: Failure is part of your journey!

Ep. 27: Failure is part of your journey!

Kristina Rihanoff