DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 29: You build it before you need it
Ep. 29: You build it before you need it

Ep. 29: You build it before you need it

Update: 2021-09-24


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to episode 29 of the Two Coach Confidence podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to bring fun and interesting guests from all areas and walks of life to share their knowledge, stories and experiences of this mystical and subjective topic we refer to as confidence.

In today's episode we are joined by Charlotte Fowles. Charlotte is also known as ‘The Executive Adventurer’ and is an expert in silencing the inner critic and practising intentional resilience and confidence. 

Previously working for many years in U.K. central government communications - including Press and Events Officer to Gordon Brown – she has a history of being trusted to deliver by high profile figures. Praised for her passion and for talking truth to power, she currently works with leaders and professionals who feel crippled by their inner critic and imposter syndrome. 

After enduring over a decade of significant personal trauma - which included cancer, multiple miscarriages and severe depression to name just a few - she is an expert in creating triumph from tragedy and living a successful life in spite of this. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • We discuss the recent rise in individuals using the term Imposter Syndrome, and due to its subjectivity how it relates to confidence 
  • How over time Charlotte has developed a neutral mindset when it comes to her beliefs 
  • Charlotte's five step process for developing confidence 
  • The idea of building confidence before you need it, instead of reacting in a particular situation
  • The fear Charlotte had about sharing her professional work online, but how comfortable she felt sharing her personal experiences and trauma 
  • The area’s of life where Charlotte still finds her confidence being impacted and how she goes about managing those particular area’s
  • The story of how Charlotte became known as ‘The Executive Adventurer’
  • We find ourselves discussing fitness for functionality and enjoyment, instead of fitness for a body that looks a certain way
  • The journey Charlotte has been on to develop her confidence and the deep deep coaching work that has supported her 
  • Charlotte shares the concept of parenting our own inner child, and tremendous impact this practice has had on her own personal development
  • How therapy has significantly supported the strong sense of confidence that Charlotte now possesses

What an episode, Charlotte has experienced an unfathomable amount of trauma and personal pain. Despite this, Charlotte chooses to focus on helping others who are battling with their own inner critic. As you’ll hear Charlotte's light still shines bright and her energy is contagious. It goes without saying that this is another episode packed with practical ways for you to grow and develop your confidence.

Please enjoy!

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Ep. 29: You build it before you need it

Ep. 29: You build it before you need it

Charlotte Fowles