DiscoverSweet BoysEp. 3 - This is very serious
Ep. 3 - This is very serious

Ep. 3 - This is very serious

Update: 2020-12-029


Welcome to episode three of Sweet Boys! In this episode we drink way too much coffee (as always) discuss why we’re friends, Garrett’s new place, why you don’t need to earn everyone’s respect, reasons to not chase money and social media fame, why Garrett once quit a job after just three hours and the college class that Andrew quit in 3 minutes, the importance of good energy and proper vibes, why a supermodel would leave her husband for Andrew, what’s gonna happen to Garrett’s tiny house, why Andrew is over dating apps, the greatest concert Garrett has ever seen, why people think Garrett is a mess and how he protects himself, what Andrew could not stand in school and one of the worst experiences Garrett ever had in high school, the cruel games our teachers played, what being “cool” actually means, the spooky side of the podcast, the importance and thrill of Youtube comments, why Dumbledore is the wisest and of course there is a holiday guided meditation for relaxing. 

Enjoy and THANK YOU! You’re part of our OG subscribers and listeners and we cannot wait to continue this journey with you!

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Elaina Day

This episode was so good. You two are such a breath of fresh air. I got excited when you said your mom was a flight attendant because I'm a flight attendant too 😊😊

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Ep. 3 - This is very serious

Ep. 3 - This is very serious

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