DiscoverGentle ActivismEp. 3 The sharp edge of feminism
Ep. 3 The sharp edge of feminism

Ep. 3 The sharp edge of feminism

Update: 2022-03-03


This episode considers the historic and future challenges and opportunities of running a service for women and girls. Since the organisation’s foundation in the 1980s the use of self injury has grown among many marginalised communities while the funding available for services that help those using self injury has not kept up. Given the historic link between women experiencing male violence and using self injury, should the organisation ever offer its services to men as well as women? And how can it provide a truly intersectional, inclusive service to all the communities that need its help when funding is increasingly scarce? This episode considers all those issues and more.

You can find the transcript for this episode here. Have some feedback on Gentle Activism? Click here.

Trigger warnings: These podcasts contain discussion of self injury, self harm, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide.

If you are troubled by any of the issues raised in this podcast, please visit: for more information or access to support. If you would like to find out more about the project and the history of the Bristol Crisis Service for Women please visit:

Gentle Activism was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Quartet City Fund and the Allen Lane Foundation.

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Ep. 3 The sharp edge of feminism

Ep. 3 The sharp edge of feminism