DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 30: You've got to put your own mask on first
Ep. 30: You've got to put your own mask on first

Ep. 30: You've got to put your own mask on first

Update: 2021-10-08


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode, we are joined by Jo Rawbone. Jo officially “discovered” she was an introvert when she completed a Myers Briggs profile in 1989. She’d always known that she was different from many of her peers, friends, and family and now she knew why. But whilst this enhanced her self-awareness, it didn’t give her the tools to manage being an introvert in a world that is largely biased towards extroverts.

Jo’s personal experience throughout her more than 26 years as a trainer and consultant, working with thousands of international clients afforded her the opportunity to witness just how problematic this bias can. Thus, began a mission: to champion the cause of introverts and promote positive action to address the ‘extraversion bias’, a mission that took her to the TEDx stage in 2019. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Jo became mad enough to start her mission of helping introverts flourish
  • We explore what an introvert is, and the many myths and misconceptions about what it actually means to be an introvert
  • Jo shares that in her experience of supporting introverts it’s incredibly common to hear a statement we hear a lot on the show, “I’m just not a confident person”
  • The topic of fear shows up and Jo shares her equation for managing fear in order to take action
  • The story of how Jo came to name her inner critic and her inner advocate and how this has supported her own growth and development
  • What it means to be an introvert in a world that expects everyone to speak up and say what they are thinking
  • We hear Jo use some incredible language to describe the work she does including the idea of being a “Corporate Disruptor”
  • The decades of people being told they need to be someone else or something different, and how that may have led to countless individuals struggling to be themselves
  • The difference between, acting as if, vs. faking it until you make and how this relates to confidence
  • How Jo supports teams and individuals to understand where the boundaries and edges of their comfort zones are in order to develop and improve 

What a fascinating episode, we hold no boundaries when it comes to where our conversations take us, and this episode is no different. There is so much to learn and take from this episode, whether you can relate to being an introvert or not, this episode has something for us all to learn and take away. 

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Ep. 30: You've got to put your own mask on first

Ep. 30: You've got to put your own mask on first

Jo Rawbone