DiscoverReelfoot ForwardEp. 30 Get to Know Today's Farmers
Ep. 30 Get to Know Today's Farmers

Ep. 30 Get to Know Today's Farmers

Update: 2019-12-04


Today, most of us are three or more generations removed from life on a farm—therefore, we don't know how our food, fuel and fiber gets from the farm to our families. In this special episode, recorded live during Tennessee Ag Literacy Day at Discovery Park, listeners will meet and get to know farmers and others working in the agriculture field. By the year 2050, the production of food, fuel and fiber around the world must more than double in order to support an estimated population of ten billion. Sustaining our environment for future generations while meeting that need is only going to happen because of the hard work of farmers like the ones who share their personal stories of agriculture on this episode.

During this episode, you’ll hear from Wes Totten, Ph.D, chair Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources, UTM; Josh Richardson, district conservationist, USDA-NRCS; Beth Cochran, farmer and technician, Obion County Soil Conservation District; Derek Giffin, farmer, Giffin Farms; Alexis Beach, student and FFA member; Carol Reed, farmer and executive director of the Tennessee Corn Promotion Council; Mike Holeman, farmer and president of the Tennessee Corn Growers Association; Mike Brundage, farmer and chairman of the Tennessee corn promotion council; Brenda Baker, farmer and ag educator; Matt Fennel; farmer and regional field director, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation; Rusty Grills, farmer and Tennessee state representative for District 77; and Misha Madding; precision ag specialist, Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Then, Katie chats with John Watkins, grounds director at Discovery Park, about the challenge of getting the park decorated with more than a million lights for “Let it Glow,” the annual Christmas light show.








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Ep. 30 Get to Know Today's Farmers

Ep. 30 Get to Know Today's Farmers

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