DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 33: You have to look at the evidence
Ep. 33: You have to look at the evidence

Ep. 33: You have to look at the evidence

Update: 2021-11-19


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode, we are joined by Shelley Smith. Shelley is an Integrative Psychotherapist and is the Founder & Director of Sunrise Wellbeing Partnership in Leicester. Shelley is passionate about providing therapeutic services to help people of all ages with their mental health and wellbeing, and to provide them with strategies and skills that can prevent their troubles from escalating. 

Shelley provides an award-winning holistic therapeutic service to support children, young people, and adults to meet their own individual needs and is incredibly proud of creating her own Wellbeing Therapy Centre. A dream she had always had, offering a hub of therapeutic & holistic support to people of all ages.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Shelley’s incredible story of finding herself in hospital with a sudden collapsed lung to creating Sunrise Wellbeing
  • How Shelley literally use to be scared of confident people, and why she feared them
  • What Shelley’s role as a Psychotherapist is and isn’t, and how parts of her work supports her clients to show up more confidently in the world
  • Shelley takes us back in time and shares her journey of developing her confidence, and how earlier in her life she didn’t even have the confidence to put her hand up to answer a question
  • The importance of having our needs met when we are young and critically the importance of being allowed to show our emotions openly without judgment or fear
  • Shelley shares that in her experience confidence can sometimes be a mask that people wear in order to protect themselves 
  • The mental impact the pandemic appears to have had on us as a species and the potentially lasting effects it has had on individuals confidence
  • We discuss the idea of not having to, “fix things” and instead just making yourself available 
  • Our brains only believe what they hear, and how important this concept is in terms of developing our confidence
  • How important evidence is, and that deliberately looking for evidence is a key component when developing one's confidence 
  • We ask Shelley to give her thoughts on the question, If we had no fear, would we all have as much confidence as we want?
  • How emotions “feel” and why this is such a crucial part of the work Shelley does 

Shelley’s journey and story are fascinating and inspirational, to say the least. Yet another episode that has so much knowledge and value. As hosts, we continue to learn, develop and grow with each new guest we have the pleasure of sitting with. Shelley has a wonderful ease and way of explaining the way we work as humans and importantly is able to remove any stigma that may be associated with the word therapy or psychotherapy. 

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Ep. 33: You have to look at the evidence

Ep. 33: You have to look at the evidence

Shelley Smith