DiscoverRUMBLE with MICHAEL MOOREEp. 34: Manchester By The Sea Change
Ep. 34: Manchester By The Sea Change

Ep. 34: Manchester By The Sea Change

Update: 2020-02-0910


A day after the New Hampshire Democratic debate and two days before the primary, and in a week in which the U.S. Senate crowned a Mad King with powers heretofore denied a Roman Emperor, Michael Moore shares his thoughts on where things stand from outside his motel room off of Highway 3 in Concord, New Hampshire.


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Sunday, February 9th, 1:00 pm ET

The Shaskeen Pub & Restaurant

909 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101



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Raven James

stay strong mike, keep giving hope, most canadians are with you....

Feb 10th

Melissa Noakes

We need to pull together if we are gonna get Trump out and save our planet, our country and our families. If we don't scrutinize the candidates and the attacks Donald's sick mind will come up with, we are soft in the head and deserve to lose! I'm sorry mayor Pete, most of us respect and defend your rights, but Trump will use all the gay terms, make fun of the "Butt" in your name, show your wedding photos, pictures of flamboyantly extreme gay gatherings, and ask not only his base but the whole country to imagine you and the "first husband" living in the White House. Do you think he won't? I hope I'm wrong 😔 Senator Warren, you took college funds meant for native Americans by lying on your college application? Really?! Maybe you've changed, or maybe you actually believed that at the time but it doesn't matter to Trump. This will be spewed daily across Twitter and Fox News if you're on the ticket. At the very least, you'll need a strong answer, but that in addition to the backstage scolding of Bernie is fodder for Trump's campaign. Is continuing on really in the best interest of our country? Can you really overcome the baggage and inspire? The primary campaign trail is like a kindergarten playground. Of course everyone there likes the Democratic candidates - they're Democrats. We need to wake up, hire a legal team (or Phil McGraw) to critically evaluate, ask ALL the tough questions in advance and do the background checks so we can get the ONE candidate ready. The ONE who can inspire and will not be rattled when the insults fly. Who can win in Florida? anyone? What other questions should we be asking? Any other elephants in the room we're afraid to name? Yeah, I know, that's not how democracy works. It's all up to the voters to weed out the candidates. But do we really live in a democracy now...since Trump took over? Besides, is being better prepared undemocratic? It makes no sense having top candidates in primaries that will be made into laughing stocks in the general. Our party is statistically more educated, but our willingness to dream of a more accepting, fair and just society leads us, I fear, to pretend as if that's the one we currently live in (insulated by our fellow Democrats) or to think that Trump couldn't POSSIBLY win again. Or have we all just laid down and given up, citing depression or that our votes don't matter? Look, I'm depressed too, but am not giving up on America and am tired of being the punch line of Trump's joke. He was right about us in Iowa, he was. What are we doing to make sure that never happens again and to guarantee a victory 38 weeks from now?

Feb 10th








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Ep. 34: Manchester By The Sea Change

Ep. 34: Manchester By The Sea Change

Michael Moore