DiscoverStop Drinking and Start LivingEp. #46 How To Fail Forward From Drinking
Ep. #46 How To Fail Forward From Drinking

Ep. #46 How To Fail Forward From Drinking

Update: 2020-10-07


In today’s Episode I show you that taking your last sip, isn't the first step. I teach you the step by step process I used and teach my clients to FAIL FORWARD and make the most of your failed attempts at quitting drinking. You can walk away with more awareness of your mind, the habit and how to actually unlearn drinking rather than strengthening your desire with shame, regret and false beliefs. 

The first step is the hardest, it’s saying yes to yourself. Once you commit to never giving up on yourself, there’s nothing you can’t do.

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1: Make the VOW: 

From this Day forward: I want you to promise me, to VOW, you will never, ever again beat yourself up for drinking when you said you wouldn’t.

In fact, stop telling yourself, today I’m not drinking.
I...(beautiful listener of stop drinking and start living), solemnly vow, to get to the bottom of my drinking habit. 

I am taking the conversation to drink or not to drink off the plate.

I am giving myself permission to drink without shame, BUT with the caveat that I will follow Mary’s formula if I do. I will fail forward, I will truly LEARN from my mistakes through observation and evaluation and with compassion, NOT shame.

When you start this part, make sure to look at it like you are experiencing if for the first time, from a neutral curiosity.

Observe the circumstance: What are the very specific situations in which you desire a drink? (It's Monday and all my "work" is done.)

3: What is the REASON? The ONE THOUGHT? For example, A beer sounds good.

4: What was the EMOTION you felt before the drink?

5: How did this emotion FEEL in my Body as SENSATIONS?

6: Describe the first drink with your senses?

7: How did your emotion change?

8: How did your sensations change? What was the physical result of drinking?

9:What happened while you were drinking? What did you do or not do?

10: Evaluate how you felt after. What was your emotion and feelings in the body?

11: Note how much you drank and what.

12: What was the most useful observation?









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Ep. #46 How To Fail Forward From Drinking

Ep. #46 How To Fail Forward From Drinking

Mary Wagstaff