DiscoverRumble with Michael MooreEp. 47: The Christopher Nolan/Memento Primary
Ep. 47: The Christopher Nolan/Memento Primary

Ep. 47: The Christopher Nolan/Memento Primary

Update: 2020-03-0616


What if the sun rose on the West? What if, on Tuesday night at 8pm ET, the first Super Tuesday results had been announced from the largest and most diverse state in the country, California?

”Huge win for Bernie Sanders! A huge delegate lead!"

An hour later, in conservative, Mormon, Utah, “the winner is....Bernie Sanders!”

Then Colorado comes next…”another victory for Bernie Sanders! And in a key swing state!”

How we were presented the results on Tuesday night, which has turned this into a two-person race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders with only a handful of delegates separating them, has greatly affected the public perception of the race. While Bernie Sanders is now the underdog, it is a close race, and the American people must hear vigorous debates between Biden and Sanders about who they are, what they believe, what their plans are for the country and how they will defeat Trump.


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If the queen had testicles, she would be the king. in other words, what ifs dont matter. The bottom line is simple and needs to be accepted Michael. When the younger progressive movement had the chance, and all was on the line, they couldnt deliver the votes. If they couldnt get Bernie past a weakened Biden, it bodes badly that they can deliver enough votes to overcome all the resistance in a General election vs Trump. Despite being loud and proud on Social media, podcasts, rallies, etc, those who prefer Bernie for President are simply unreliable for enough votes when it matters. 2016, and now. the Revolution is underway, but will not occur until 2024 or later. In the meantime we have an election to win.

Mar 7th
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k m

The pollsters should ask people the following question in regards to healthcare.."Which type of healthcare would you prefer..government or private...if you have CANCER?"

Mar 6th
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Cynthia Leech

Did the socialism exiting poll include repubs? they are not voting in primaries bc their guy is a shoe-in. If you include repubs in national election, Sorry Michael, socialism is a loser. That brainwashing in the 50s, 60s and 70s is tightly protected. I've done what I can do, banging my head against these walls but will vote Sanders in Ohio primary. Vote your heart in primary. Vote your head in November.

Mar 6th
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Ep. 47: The Christopher Nolan/Memento Primary

Ep. 47: The Christopher Nolan/Memento Primary

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