DiscoverSweet BoysEp. 5 - Everything is changing
Ep. 5 - Everything is changing

Ep. 5 - Everything is changing

Update: 2020-12-166


Welcome to Episode 5 of Sweet Boys! The last episode of 2020! In this episode we unveil our secret plans for 2021, discuss the incredibly wholesome gift that LaurDIY gave us, Garrett goes all out with a holiday decor set makeover, what Garrett ate at 2am while playing Cyberpunk 2077, we sing about a gingerbread man, how Scott Hoying could help us (because we for sure need help) Andrew talks about the power of boundaries, what Garrett does in his free time, we see what Garrett got Andrew for Christmas, Garrett discusses his supreme excitement for Wonder Woman 1984, why Garrett has eaten out of the actual trash alone, Andrew’s tactics for self improvement, they discuss how fried cheese ages,  Andrew gives Garrett a present, Andrew discusses his dreams (spoiler alert it is him eating French toast in the bathtub), how failure makes us better, Andrew makes a special announcement, Garrett’s favorite aesthetic, how to manifest good vibes,  Garrett’s regrets and his deep appreciation for Unnus Anus and how Ethan Nestor inspires him, Andrew magically changes his hands into Ariana Grande hands, what makes Garrett self conscious, and we discuss the trap of the “comfort zone” and the complications of imposter syndrome!

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Ep. 5 - Everything is changing

Ep. 5 - Everything is changing

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