Ep. 55 - Can you really be a woman of influence who inspires others?

Ep. 55 - Can you really be a woman of influence who inspires others?

Update: 2021-08-10


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Hey Girl, welcome to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer. I am so happy that you're hanging out with me. On this episode I want to talk about what I think a woman of influence is. The word influence is such a beautiful word, and it's also really powerful.  The definition of influence is basically the capacity to have an effect on the character development or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. I believe that in order to bring change and transformation you have to be somebody that influences others. Women of influence are leaders and leaders are those who transform and inspire others. Women of influence never stop learning, listening or showing up as their authentic self. A woman of influence cares about others and wants to see them be a better version of themselves. If you have ever felt that you are not an influential woman, I would like to challenge your thinking. The truth is that you are influencing and impacting others daily.

Make sure to share this episode with your amigas, because something powerful happens when we lift each other up.

Do you want to talk more about being a woman of influence? Well, guess what? I am having a free workshop! We're going to dive into reigniting the woman you are, why?  Because to reignite something means to cause it to burn again, and that's how you step into your boldness.

It's so important to reignite the woman you are by asking yourself questions like who do I want to be? What do I want to do moving forward? How do I pursue my dreams and begin accomplishing my goals? That's how you start stepping into your confidence. Learning to take action on your goals is part of being a leader. If you have been wanting to ask me a question or have been wanting clarity now is your chance. I will be opening up the workshop for some mentoring on the spot. And if you're like, Micaela I just want to hang out with you please stop by!

It doesn't  matter what season of life you are in, we are always evolving. So we have to ask the question, Who do I want to be? Because for some women, they're going through the motions and they kind of feel like they've lost themselves.  That's why it's important to reignite the woman you are because when you do that, you start feeling that spark, again! You start dreaming again and you start having a vision for your future, or having a bigger vision.

Can't wait to see you at the workshop on Aug 17th.

One lucky woman if winning the grand prize - 12 weeks of mentoring in the new Fearless Mujer Mentoring Program!

That's so exciting!

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Ep. 55 - Can you really be a woman of influence who inspires others?

Ep. 55 - Can you really be a woman of influence who inspires others?

Micaela Deegan - Latina Empowerment Coach, Latina Mentor