DiscoverCyrus SaysEp. 555: feat. Parmesh Shahani
Ep. 555: feat. Parmesh Shahani

Ep. 555: feat. Parmesh Shahani

Update: 2020-08-241


This week, Cyrus is joined by Parmesh Shahani, author and Vice President at Godrej Industries, to talk about sexuality in the Indian corporate world, to talk about his new book - Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion in The Indian Workplace and what made him write it. Parmesh talks about the landmark pro and anti LGBTQ judgements by the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court over the years, how these led to conversations around sexuality, how things were changing in the corporate world and how acceptance was creeping in, around the time these judgements were coming out, and why he felt it important to document it all in his book.

Cyrus and Parmesh also get into Parmesh's life from growing up in South Bombay, having supportive parents, using the system instead of changing it, slurs he faced as a kid in school, trying to create a society where everyone can be more open and vulnerable, why it's important for the 'big guns' from various industries to come out as that will spread acceptance and get rid of fear around it. All this and a lot more on this episode of Cyrus Says.

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Ep. 555: feat. Parmesh Shahani

Ep. 555: feat. Parmesh Shahani

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