DiscoverCyrus SaysEp. 561: feat. Rajeev Samant
Ep. 561: feat. Rajeev Samant

Ep. 561: feat. Rajeev Samant

Update: 2020-09-14


This week, Cyrus is joined by Rajeev Samant, CEO & Founder of Sula Vineyards. They talk about what a sommelier is, and then get into Rajeev's journey as an entrepreneur, and what a journey it been! Rajeev talks about going from Cathedral (in Mumbai) to Stanford (in the US), how he got into the field of wine and wine production, his father being an entrepreneur himself and how that influenced him, what made him change careers from a comfortable life in Stanford, wanting to follow his own path, backpacking around the world for a year and how he can't recommend that enough, then landing up back in India and wanting to start his own business here, finally ending up in Nashik and deciding to use the family plot there for organic farming, how that worked out, how he made the transition from organic farming to growing grapes for wine, and tons more! They also talk about benefitting farmers through growing wine grapes, government legislation around wine growing, how Sula moved the wine industry forward in India, and more. Tune in for a fascinating chat.

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Ep. 561: feat. Rajeev Samant

Ep. 561: feat. Rajeev Samant

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