DiscoverCyrus SaysEp. 566: feat. Kumar Varun
Ep. 566: feat. Kumar Varun

Ep. 566: feat. Kumar Varun

Update: 2020-09-28


This week, Cyrus is joined by actor, writer & hilarious standup comedian Kumar Varun, to talk about his illustrious career as an actor and as a comedian, Cyrus being a 'friendly Arnab', KV doing his B. Tech followed by MBA, working as a brand manager at DBS bank and a systems engineer at TCS, being a massive cricket fan and having been to Sachin Tendulkar's house (yeah, you read that right!). They also talk about how Kumar started in standup and got into the comedy scene, how he became an actor, his initial dream of becoming a journalist, being good at scoring marks and being methodical about his studies, how he started doing comedy because of fellow comedian Rahul Subramanian, both of them being Liverpool FC fans, winning India's first Comedy Hunt together, doing the web series Better Life Foundation as an actor, finally making the transition to being a full-time comedian and actor, having some amazing friends who he could depend on in difficult times, starting the YouTube channel Random Chikibum with Rahul Subramanian, the amazing content that they've been releasing during this time, loving Hindi cricket commentary, and much much more. Tune in for a super entertaining episode.

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Ep. 566: feat. Kumar Varun

Ep. 566: feat. Kumar Varun

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