Ep. 59 // Reignite The Woman You Are - Workshop Replay // Fearless Mujer // Bonus Episode//

Ep. 59 // Reignite The Woman You Are - Workshop Replay // Fearless Mujer // Bonus Episode//

Update: 2021-08-21


Registration Extended for The Fearless Mujer Mentoring Program!
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Hey Amiga, welcome to this quick bonus episode. Hey guess what? You were hearing me talking about the workshop, right?  If you missed out and you didn't have a chance to register, guess what? I have a special treat for you, because you can listen to the workshop right here right now and  anytime you want!

You can listen to it  when you're making your Cafecito, when you're getting the kids ready for school or dropping them off,  when you're folding your laundry or going for your morning walk whichever one it is. I received so many messages about how it really helped a lot of women and I wanted to share it with you.  And guess what? You have also been hearing me talking about the Fearless Mujer Mentoring Program. 've been putting it on social and posting in the community and if you're like, I want in on that! Guess what? I have extended the registration until August 23 - Midnight!

If that's you and you're like I actually want more info, and I want to talk to you Micaela. You can hit me up on IG and send me a message: https://www.instagram.com/thefearlessmujerpodcast/
 You can also contact me here: https://fearlessmujer.com/contact
or via email at micaela@fearlessmujer.com

I am so happy to connect with you and answer your questions!'

Learn more about the program:

So, what are you going to learn today? Today, you're going to learn what it means to reignite the woman you are you might have seen the title of the workshop, and you might have been like, what is that? You're going to learn what that means, why it's important for you in order to pursue your dreams. You're going to learn the importance of your dreams and why they really do matter. You’re going to learn how to begin challenging yourself to think outside of the box, so that you can begin to pursue your dreams and inspire those around you. You will learn how to begin stepping into your boldness so that you can walk in authority and influence those around you, because pursuing your dreams is part of something much bigger. When a woman pursues her dreams, she becomes unstoppable when she's determined to pursue her dreams despite what others think or say she is fearless.

If you've ever felt that there was more for your life, it's because there is. You were created for more. And when you choose to have faith in your dream no matter how scary it may seem, or how crazy it might look, you will begin to walk in a new confidence. For many women that I work with the number one problem is that they are listening to the voice of others about their dreams and goals. When you begin to listen to your voice about your dreams and goals, you'll step into an authority like never before. Women who pursue their dreams become leaders, mentors, and they truly influence and inspire those around them, especially the next generation of women. This is possible for you, even if you're already pursuing something on your heart. When you embrace the bigger vision for your life, you'll begin to grow and elevate, you'll also reignite the woman you are, and you'll reignite the dreams on your heart.

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Ep. 59 // Reignite The Woman You Are - Workshop Replay // Fearless Mujer // Bonus Episode//

Ep. 59 // Reignite The Woman You Are - Workshop Replay // Fearless Mujer // Bonus Episode//

Micaela Deegan - Latina Empowerment Coach, Latina Mentor