Discover1 Reg at a TimeEp. 6 | Party Like It's 2012! w/ Matt Singer
Ep. 6 | Party Like It's 2012! w/ Matt Singer

Ep. 6 | Party Like It's 2012! w/ Matt Singer

Update: 2022-07-25


2012: Chris Nolan's "The Dark Knight" redefined the gritty superhero genre, a little book called "50 Shades of Grey" was making the nation hot and bothered from coast to coast, a new bop from South Korea called "Gangnam Style" was taking the world by storm, AND a certain civic holiday called National Voter Registration Day was born. As we prepare to celebrate the 10th anniversary of that inaugural celebration of democracy this September 20th, we look back on the story of how it all began with Matt Singer, partner with Impactual and one of the founding minds behind National Voter Registration Day. Together we hop into the time machine to learn what it was like to plan that very first National Voter Registration Day, look back on all that's happened to the holiday since 2012, and talk about our hopes for a #VoteReady future.

PLUS: Vacation planning in the era of crazy travel circumstances, how much summer is TOO MUCH summer, and what is your cat's favorite herb and why is it basil?

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Ep. 6 | Party Like It's 2012! w/ Matt Singer

Ep. 6 | Party Like It's 2012! w/ Matt Singer

National Voter Registration Day