DiscoverPuliyabaazi Hindi PodcastEp. 60: फिलॉसफी का फ़लसफ़ा
Ep. 60: फिलॉसफी का फ़लसफ़ा

Ep. 60: फिलॉसफी का फ़लसफ़ा

Update: 2020-04-022


Karl Popper once said “We are all philosophers; we all accept certain philosophical theories, if only unconsciously.” But what does the formal academic discipline of philosophy entail? How does a philosophical inquiry help us resolve some fundamental dilemmas in our minds? This is the focus of this puliyabaazi with Sushruth Ravish, research scholar at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Department of Philosophy.

इस पुलियाबाज़ी में दर्शन दर्शनशास्त्र के ! वैसे तो हम सब जाने-अनजाने में फिलॉसॉफी से जुड़े सवालों पर ग़ौर करते है पर इस फील्ड के मूल स्तंभ क्या है ? ये दर्शनशास्त्र होता क्या है? ये फिलॉसफर करते क्या है? या “धर्म” को भी दर्शनशास्त्र की एक शाखा के रूप में देखा जा सकता है? हर विषय के कुछ औज़ार होते है, तो फ़िलॉसफ़र की “टूल-किट” में क्या होता है? इन्हीं सवालों को गहराई से समझा रहे है इस पुलियाबाज़ी में सुश्रुत रविश, आईआईटी बॉम्बे के फिलॉसॉफी डिपार्टमेंट के रिसर्च स्कॉलर |

Think - A compelling Introduction to Philosophy by Simon Blackburn (A theme-wise introduction to western philosophy)
A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton (A breezy historical overview of thinkers from pre-socratics to Peter Singer)
Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder (A best-selling Norwegian novel where a philosopher introduces his daughter to philosophical thinking through intriguing set-ups)
Philosophy: A very Short Introduction by Edward Craig (There are plenty more titles related to philosophy in this accessible to all series)
History of Indian Philosophy by Purushottama Bilimoria ( A comprehensive as well as a contemporary overview of Indian Philosophy) ( Bite-sized videos of concepts in philosophy) (Podcast that covers lesser discussed philosophers from around the world) (Eminent public philosopher Michael Sandel's philosophical engagements in and out of classroom)

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Nagamani Jaya Balila

wonderful discussion. I wonder if its really the case that our moral circle is expanding or whether its a cycle (similar to arguments of whether there is one big bang or multiple cycles). it reaches some stable/unstable equilibrium and repeats.If i just look at the Indian context, if you look at older sensibilities, they respected the nature much more, considered them even superior to humans at times-rivers mountains earth everything was god. This was probably a mix of fear and respect, or maybe they really did understand that if i need to live well, everything around me has to live well, because they were much more dependent on each other directly. As humans grew more in control and their individual identities took center stage, our moral circle shrunk. Now that we have again realised that its harming us, we are trying to expand our moral circle. This constant change in times is again very simply described as the transition from tretayug to kalyug followed by pralay in mythology and the cycle repeats. we are probably at the cusp of one such change, from individual centric to planet centric.

Apr 4th
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Ep. 60: फिलॉसफी का फ़लसफ़ा

Ep. 60: फिलॉसफी का फ़लसफ़ा

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