DiscoverTalking To Teens: Expert Tips for Parenting TeenagersEp. 60: Deliberate Parenting for Happy Campers
Ep. 60: Deliberate Parenting for Happy Campers

Ep. 60: Deliberate Parenting for Happy Campers

Update: 2019-11-24


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Every parent has an idea in their head about how their family is going to go. It’s hard not to have hopes and dreams about just how perfect everything will go and how you won’t turn into your parents…but then kids become teens. 
And it seems like all of our expectations for a functional family go out the window. It can feel like we’re barely managing to tread water.
This week I spoke with Audrey Monke, author of  Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults about getting deliberate in parenting. After serving as a camp director for over 30 years - not to mention being a mother of five - Audrey knows a thing or two about deliberate practices that work!
Being deliberate and intentional in your parenting practice may sound simple, but taking action isn’t always easy. 
Luckily Audrey and I discussed in depth specific practices you can implement with your teen and even exactly what you can say to your teen to shift into a more deliberate and positive practice. In addition, to Audrey’s go-tos for creating a positive mindful family environment you will discover:

  • How to turn “labels” into solutions

  • The subtle language shift that makes all the difference

  • The link between homesickness and a parent’s confidence in their kid

  • How to identify “hot spots” and “prime times” to optimize the good times and puzzle out the stress

  • A different way to “nag” to your teen that lets you off the hook 

So excited to be sharing  Audrey’s wealth of knowledge on creating a deliberate parenting practice and dealing with teens!!

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Ep. 60: Deliberate Parenting for Happy Campers

Ep. 60: Deliberate Parenting for Happy Campers