DiscoverAdorned PodcastEp. 60 - Ephesians - Chapter 3
Ep. 60 - Ephesians - Chapter 3

Ep. 60 - Ephesians - Chapter 3

Update: 2019-05-30


On this week’s episode of the Adorned Podcast we continue to talk about the great mystery and what it means to live in unity as the body of Christ. We dive into what true community is and unpack the “manifold wisdom of God”. Did you know it has something to do with Joseph’s coat of many colors? Join us as we dig into chapter three of Ephesians.


“What stands out in Ephesians are the ways in which the defeat of the evil powers and principalities it’s made manifest. To put it bluntly the multiethnic church living in unity is a cosmic middle finger to the powers have tried to force division and enmity among humanity.” -Tony Reinke

“The Christian mysteries are truths which, although beyond human discovery, have been revealed by God and so now belong openly to the whole church.” -John Stott 

Once we are sure that the gospel is both truth from God and riches for mankind, nobody will be able to silence us.” -John Stott 

“He created the universe to be the cosmic stage for the glory of his son and he predestined the church as the leading lady. In this drama the mystery of the church is like one big ah ha moment and it reveals God’s wisdom…” -Gloria Furman 

“The Bible doesn’t call us to uniformity, it calls us to unity.” -Paul David Tripp 

“Rather than plucking us out of Christian community to show us Christ’s knowledge surpassing love, God plants us in the body of Christ. This is where we are “filled with all the fullness of God”.... in other words we grow in the garden of the local church not in a vase by ourselves.” -Gloria Furman


The Message of Ephesians by John Stott

Alive in Him by Gloria Furman 

*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*









Ep. 60 - Ephesians - Chapter 3

Ep. 60 - Ephesians - Chapter 3

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