Ep. 622 - Wrath of Man

Ep. 622 - Wrath of Man

Update: 2021-06-09


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David gets a sneak peek of the new Marvel series Loki. Find out why Devindra’s favorite streaming service might be Peakcock right now. For the feature review, the cast tackles The Wrath of Man, the newest action-thriller by director Guy Ritchie.

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Weekly Plugs

Devindra - NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti review (and more)

Jeff - Cameo.com/jeffcannata for father’s day

Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only)

What we've been watching (~26:22 )

David - (#slashtag) Plan B, Loki, Devindra’s Drunken Master II Blu-Ray

Devindra - We are Lady Parts, The Mosquito Coast, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 

Jeff - Mythic Quest (S2E5), Biography: Mick Foley, Eat Wheaties!

Feature  (~1:16:52 )

Wrath of Man

Spoilers (~1:24:52 )

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Ep. 622 - Wrath of Man

Ep. 622 - Wrath of Man

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