DiscoverThe Filmcast (AKA The Slashfilmcast)Ep. 627 - Black Widow (GUEST: Lindsey Romain)
Ep. 627 - Black Widow (GUEST: Lindsey Romain)

Ep. 627 - Black Widow (GUEST: Lindsey Romain)

Update: 2021-07-133


David, Devindra, and Jeff make a major announcement about the podcast (Learn more here)! Plus: we discuss Fear Street, Gossip Girl, Werewolves Within, and much more.

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Weekly Plugs

Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only)

What we've been watching (8:30 )

Lindsey - Fear Street trilogy, Gossip Girl reboot

Jeff - I Think You Should Leave Season 2, Werewolves Within

Devindra - The White Lotus

David - My Dinner with Andre (Criterion), Jackie Chan re-watch: Mr. Nice Guy, Miracles (AKA: Miracles, The Canton Godfather)

Feature  (~1:18:00 )

Black Widow

Spoilers (~1:40:15 )

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Ep. 627 - Black Widow (GUEST: Lindsey Romain)

Ep. 627 - Black Widow (GUEST: Lindsey Romain)

The /Filmcast (AKA The Slashfilmcast)