DiscoverThe Filmcast (AKA The Slashfilmcast)Ep. 628 - A Quiet Place Part II
Ep. 628 - A Quiet Place Part II

Ep. 628 - A Quiet Place Part II

Update: 2021-07-20


David broadcasts from the San Francisco Bay Area. The Filmcast discusses the kickstarter of The Show About the Show and the ethics of an AI Anthony Bourdain. For the feature, David, Devindra, and Jeff venture into A Quiet Place Part II, directed by John Krasinski. 

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Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only)

What we've been watching (~37:30 )

David - Space Jam: A New Legacy

Devindra - This Way Up, High on the Hog, Wellington Paranormal

Jeff - Kevin Can F Himself, McCartney 3,2,1

Feature  (~1:17:07 )

A Quiet Place II

Spoilers (~1:29:02 )

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Ep. 628 - A Quiet Place Part II

Ep. 628 - A Quiet Place Part II

The /Filmcast (AKA The Slashfilmcast)